Honor the 113th Engineer Battalion

Our guest speaker, Mr. Bob Carnagey, this year for Veteran's Day shared a story with all of us about a local group of men and women from the Indiana National Guard who are being deployed to the Middle East in early December.  Since this is such an especially hard time to leave families with the holidays right around the corner, Mr. Carnagey has started a service project to get as many Christmas/holiday cards sent over to the Middle East for our local service members.  Our HS Student Council have purchased about 320 Christmas/Holiday cards already, and over 100 other have been donated.  Our goal is to have double the amount of cards that he asked for, so everyone can get at least 2.  Our HS Student Council is hoping to write the first 300 cards, but if you all can join in and help, that would be AWESOME!!!!  The flyer is attached below for more information.   He will come and collect them from us in early December, so he will do the sending part. You can make homemade cards with your classes, you can write a card yourselves; if you would like a class full of store-bought cards, please let me know, and the HS Student Council will purchase them for you.  We are hoping to get these collected back right after Thanksgiving Break.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, and from all of us on the HS Student Council, we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your families!!!

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